Twitch Art Streaming TEST #1

I've been using Twitch as a place to just chill and watch people play video games for a few months now, but it wasn't until last night I actually considered using it to stream MYSELF? I mainly watch lady gamers because I am a Gay™ and most str8 male gamers scare me. You know what, the concept of Twitch is kind of wild like did everyone have a big brother who hogged the Playstation 2 because I sure did and I feel like that is how this industry was born.

But anyway, so I was home alone last night and decided to poke around and see what it could do for me. While Twitch seems to be geared toward game streaming, there is a HUGE community of art streamers as well. I feel like most of the successful art streamers do heavily photoshop rendered stuff and sit there streaming for 8 hours rendering an ear to the musical stylings of Kate Bush, which sounds amazing but is 100% NOT what I do. Do people want to see me draw and delete the same line over and over again and SCREAM? LEAVE YOUR ANSWER IN THE COMMENTS BELOW LOL.

The first step was designing my channel's assets: banners, profile image, etc. I love doing this shit. So I hammered away at some stuff in photoshop and got that stuff finished pretty quickly. I will probably update the art later, I just wanted stuff up ASAP because I STREAM ART I DON'T MAKE IT BEHIND THE SCENES ANYMORE LIKE AN IDIOT. Check out the Twitch stuff I made!

Okay so after all that I had to download OBS, a free streaming software. I played around with that for about a half an hour or so just to get a hold on how to set up scenes and switch between screen sharing on different programs since I work in Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects. THIS is where I struggled the most. Learning new software programs is like learning a foreign language and my brain is NOT wired for that stuff. Oh also, streaming on JUST a laptop with one monitor is a mess and a bad idea. But whatever, I set up my stuff the best I could and tested my stream on Twitch.

WELL OK THAT'S WHAT I SOUND LIKE I GUESS. I made the mistake of watching my stream feed on my other computer - which was a mess because it lagged like 10 seconds behind - and I heard my own voice and omg I am so sorry to everyone who has to DEAL with that terrible noise. Alright, that nightmare aside I think I got the mechanics down and streamed for like 20 minutes just playing around in Illustrator. Of course my chat was empty and I felt awkward talking to myself, which is odd because I am very good at talking to myself when I'm NOT on camera so I thought I'd be a PRO. I mean, I'm literally talking to myself right now.

So what did we learn from this experience? My voice is bad. I'm still not sure if my art creating process is engaging enough for people to come and watch. Should I just stick to these blogs? Or should I stop doing these, too?